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Interlock Fabric:

Interlock is the second most common type of knit fabric following single jersey. 
Interlock fabric is a variation of rib knit. It is similar to a jersey knit except both front and back of the Interlock fabric look identical. 
The double-knit construction gives it a thicker hand feel. 
It is similar to t-shirt fabric (jersey) but double knitted instead of single knitted – in other words, it's the same on both sides. 
Interlock knit is usually 100% cotton.
Interlock has the little V shapes on both sides. 
Compared to Jersey, Interlock is thicker, lays flat where jersey curls on the cut ends and is generally more durable.
It is used frequently in underwear, summer and winter sports products.
It is preferred in medical clothing.

Tube and Open Top Interlock
20/1 Compact combed interlock - 20/1 OE interlock
24/1 Compact combed interlock - 24/1 OE interlock
26/1 Compact combed interlock - 26/1 OE interlock
28/1 Compact combed interlock - 28/1 OE interlock
30/1 Compact combed interlock - 30/1 OE interlock
36/1 Compact combed interlock – 36/1 OE interlock